About - Above The Sea - mae-sariang-guesthouse-

The first inspiration and imagination were started my heart when I was sitting on the plane flying to Australia. To further my studying and working for experience and to earn some more money in order to invest in the hotel business I love to entertain people so my intention was to open a small guest house which I can handle to service people who visit Mae Sariang

Our customers who stay at “Above the sea” guesthouse will find a warm welcome good services creating an atmosphere similar to your own home

The antique house in front of the Guesthouse belonged to my grand-grand-dad more than 150 years ago and used to be a place of work elephants so come and stay with us and your will touch our warm and caring heart.

I would like to thank my family my friends and the builders and our customers who made my dream come true so please come and stay with me at “Above the sea”.